Wednesday, June 18, 2008

NSC’s National Radon poster contest

From: Steve Melia
Date: June 18, 2008 11:10:42 AM EDT
Subject: [RADONPROFESSIONALS] National Safety Council's National Radon Poster Contest - Your thoughts
Reply-To: Steve Melia

Dear Listserv members,

I really look forward each year to the NSC’s National Radon poster contest. However, I would like to know your thoughts on the “timing” of the event. It runs from mid-July to mid-October. I am wondering if the poster contest would have more participation if the contest was promoted between March and May of each year with the contest being conducted from September 1st to October 31st of each year.

With the current schedule of July to October, it seems to me that July, being the middle of summer – who’s in school then – no teachers or students, and September being the beginning of school where the teachers have the new school year to begin – they might overlook the NSC poster contest. I had only ONE entry last year, even though I sent it out to 88 schools.

Would better “timing” make for an increased participation among schools? If so, what “timing” for promotion and conducting the Poster Contest would you suggest?

Thank you for your thoughts on this issue.


Steven M. Melia; MSPH

Wyoming Dept of Health

LEAD/Radon Program Manager

6101 Yellowstone Rd; Qwest #510

Cheyenne, WY 82002


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From: Florence T. Cua
Date: June 18, 2008 10:02:42 AM EDT
To: Filipino/American Coalition for Environmental Solidarity ,
Cc:, Benito De Lumen , George & Vangie Wolfert
Subject: Fwd: [kgma] PGMA sets 10-day visit to U.S.

You might as well ask Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago if she should take courses with the US Department of Homeland Security.


Begin forwarded message:
From: "Florence T. Cua"
Date: June 18, 2008 9:54:20 AM EDT
To: "Jean ((NIH/NINDS)) [F] Tiong" ,,, j gan , Rosario Velasquez , Leah Tolosa , karina milagros cui , Maui Arroyo , Maria Natalia Dimaano , Gloria Despacio-Reyes ,, Rigoberto Advincula ,, blessie basilia , adrian casano , Roberto Ramos ,, Jose Tanchoco , Joseph Tan , evelyn flordelis ,,,, Jessie ,,,, Liberty de Leon , KiM de leon ,,,,,,,,, Oliver Flores , Yoly Ilagan , Danilo Romero ,, Grace Stanley ,, CHS LSL ,, April L ,, Benito De Lumen , "Victoria P. AC GARCHITORENA" , Raymond Tan , Alvin Culaba ,, Edward Christman ,,, Felixberto Buot ,,,,, Michael Palis ,,, josie Dimayuga , Vangie Wolfert ,,, "Lydia G. Tansinsin" ,, Maria Luisa Virata , "Alfonso M. Albano" , Marianita Albano , Ginny Gutierrez , Terry Sarigumba , Remedios de Jesus , Remedios Cancio-de Leon , Nini Ungco
Subject: Fwd: [kgma] PGMA sets 10-day visit to U.S.

Begin forwarded message:
From: "kgma_news"
Date: June 18, 2008 3:59:32 AM EDT
Subject: [kgma] PGMA sets 10-day visit to U.S.

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo leaves Saturday evening for a 10-day
visit to the United States to further strengthen the historic
Philippines-US relations.

The President, accompanied by First Gentleman Miguel Arroyo, will take
a commercial flight to San Francisco, California, the first stop of
her US visit.

Also with the presidential party are some Cabinet officials, lawmakers
and top Filipino business leaders.

The Chief Executive`s US engagements include meetings with Filipino
communities, Filipino World War II veterans and American business groups.

She will also hold a series of meetings on a wide range of issues
including the environment, security, human rights, and other global

From San Francisco, the President will proceed to Fresno, California,
a four-hour drive from San Francisco, to hear mass and interact with
the Filipino community before proceeding to Washington D.C.

Meeting members of Filipino communities in the countries that she
visits is a standard feature of the President`s trips abroad in an
effort to keep them posted on developments back home and to encourage
them to invest in the country, as well as thank them for their
remittances that had helped improve the economy.

The President`s second stop is Washington D.C. where she will meet
with President George W. Bush at the Oval Office.

The White House meeting, the highlight of her US trip, will focus on
outstanding global issues of common concern to the two countries,
notably terrorism, food security, non-proliferation of nuclear arms
and human rights.

The President is expected to thank Bush for his support to Filipino
World War II veterans through the US Veterans Office in Manila and the
Veterans Memorial Medical Center in Quezon City, and express her hope
for a favorable resolution of the remaining issues relating to
Filipino veterans.

The President will also personally thank the US Senate for its
historic 96-1 vote in favor of the Veterans Benefits Bill calling for
additional benefits to Filipino WWII veterans.

At the Pentagon, the President will discuss with US Defense Secretary
Robert Gates the Philippines` defense reform program.

The President will also take the opportunity to meet with the
Philippines-US Friendship Caucus, a group composed of members of the
US House of Representatives who have openly supported moves to
strengthen relations between the Philippines and the United States.

The President will also meet with officials of the Washington-based
the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).

Last March, the MCC granted the Philippines Compact Eligible status,
opening the door for the Philippines to avail itself of up to $700
million in grants to help boost the country`s economic growth.

The Philippines has gained compact eligible status after passing
objective indicators in the areas of governing justly, investing in
its citizens, and encouraging economic freedom.

Also in Washington, the President will meet with stakeholders of the
Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI) a multi-nation effort to push the CTI
project spanning across Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea,
Philippines, Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste.

The Triangle holds the richest concentration of iridescent corals,
fish, crustaceans, mollusks and marine plants in the world.

The ASEAN-US Business Council (USBC) and the United States Chamber of
Commerce (USCC) will co-host a dinner in honor of the President in

In New York, the last leg of her US trip, the President will be
meeting with a number of business leaders and investment groups,
including Libby`s Fruits, Target Sourcing, ROTEC Technology and APAC
Customer Services.

She will also host a reception for the permanent representatives to
the United Nations in connection with the candidature of Sen. Miriam
Defensor Santiago to the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Removal of Lead

EDTA(Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) and DTPA(Diethylenetriamenepentaacetate)

EMSL Analytical Inc. does analysis of lead.

Lead Abatement Firm does remediation or removal of lead.

Cyanide Detoxification in Cassava for Food and Feed Uses--India

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1: Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr. 1995 Jul;35(4):299-339.Links
Cyanide detoxification in cassava for food and feed uses.

Padmaja G.
Division of Crop Utilization and Biotechnology, Central Tuber Crops Research Institute, Trivandrum, India.
Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) is an important tropical root crop providing energy to about 500 million people. The presence of the two cyanogenic glycosides, linamarin and lotaustralin, in cassava is a major factor limiting its use as food or feed. Traditional processing techniques practiced in cassava production are known to reduce cyanide in tubers and leaves. Drying is the most ubiquitous processing operation in many tropical countries. Sun drying eliminates more cyanide than oven drying because of the prolonged contact time between linamarase and the glucosides in sun drying. Soaking followed by boiling is better than soaking or boiling alone in removing cyanide. Traditional African food products such as gari and fufu are made by a series of operations such as grating, dewatering, fermenting, and roasting. During the various stages of gari manufacture, 80 to 95% cyanide loss occurs. The best processing method for the use of cassava leaves as human food is pounding the leaves and cooking the mash in water. Fermentation, boiling, and ensiling are efficient techniques for removing cyanide from cassava peels.
PMID: 7576161 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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Cyanogenic potential of cassava peels and their detoxification for utilization as livestock feed.
[Vet Hum Toxicol. 2002]
Loss of residual cyanogens in a cassava food during short-term storage.
[Int J Food Sci Nutr. 2002]
Effect of traditional processing of cassava on the cyanide content of gari and cassava flour.
[Plant Foods Hum Nutr. 1995]
Cassava processing, consumption, and cyanide toxicity.
[J Toxicol Environ Health. 1994]
Detoxification of cassava leaves by simple traditional methods.
[Toxicol Lett. 1982]
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Friday, June 13, 2008

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